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I am an artist painting contemporary abstract art and new landscapes.  I studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and founded the Gallery & Artist Collective Adds Donna located in Chicago, IL.

I am describing the internal conversation between memories and the now as a formal didactic ritual performing an unfolding event.

My use of materials and mediums echo My influences. Both are inclusive and varied. 

Found images, plaster, wire or planks of wood may find their way in to My work as marks or a work may be complete with only ink or oil.  I inform the surface by staining and making marks within the canvas through the back, or scratching down back through the layers.  I am looking to find new roles for ink, oil, acrylic and traditional techniques while paying homage to tradition and historical perspectives.

I am a father of two energetic three year olds and a husband to a hard working elementary school teacher.  As of December 5th 2018, I am currently making sketches and building a mental picture of a body of work to be made in the near future. 

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